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Meet "The Girls"

Our family just wouldn't be complete without these two lovable fluffs. Cocoa and Milly, whom we affectionately refer to as "the Girls," contribute unlimited love, boundless joy, unforgettable stories and unparalleled messes to our lives. We are those people that constantly narrate for their dogs -- and let me tell you, these two have quite the personalities!

Cocoa - She's perfect, she's beautiful, she looks like Linda Evangelista, she's a model. The daring older sister, Cocoa is as beautiful as she is bossy. There is nothing this little girl will not do for a ball, and no place she can go where Milly doesn't follow closely behind ... except maybe into the river on a nice, long walk.

Milly - the "medium-sized, non shedding" rescue dog. She's one big floppy noodle and let me tell you ... sheds more than any other animal I've ever met in my life. We love her so dang much and wouldn't trade her for anything! She's a heart warming, ankle biting, tail chasing sweet heart. This little girl likely gets more hugs and kisses in a day than most of us receive in a lifetime! She also has a tendency to eat and destroy things she shouldn't... we have her to "thank" for many of the repairs, up-cycles, and repurposing we do around here.

These two are never far away from me; they're my little shadows, and are one hundred percent the inspiration for any pup-related content that works its way into this blog! Everything I share here is diligently tried and tested by the girls. They say "you're welcome."

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